Emma Daley

April 20, 2017

“Emma Daley ,fashion consultant 23 years old, Perth , western Australia”

1-Describe yourself in three words 

creative, outgoing, vibrant

2-What have been the most cherished moment(s) in your life ?

One of my earliest memories I cherish would be with my grandad sailing across the bay underneath the warmth of the Australian sun. He passed away when I was 10 so these adventures will always be close to my heart.

3-The most magical places you’ve been and why ?

During a cold winter’s day a group of friends and myself went on a road trip to visit temples scatted along the east coast of Japan. Our final destination was a little island called Enoshima in the the Kanagawa Prefecture. We sat on top of a cliff over looking the ocean with Mt Fuji in the distance, eating ramen and watched the sea eagles dance above us.

This island was full of temples, some dedicated to love, health, children and happiness.

4-Top 3 on your bucket list

1) visit every continents

2) jump from a plane

3) sail the islands of Greece.

5- your favorite books or poem

“Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Alborn, “The book thief ” by Markus Zusac, “All the light who cannot see” by Anthony Doerr.

6- Top 3 on your playlist 

“Pretty girls” by little dragons, “Wasting my young years” by London Grammar, “Wander with me” by Tom Misch

7-Name 3 women that inspire your the most and why ?

First , I would say my Mum, she has 6 children , a farm, and her own fashion label, how she manages that baffle me…

Second Coco Chanel, for creating her own empire that changed fashion.

Third, Franca Sozzani for creating experimental work in journalism for Vogue Italia, pushing boundaries beautifully in the fashion world.

8-“Que Sera” means “what will be will be”, and to remember to live the moment to the most, what are your tricks in life to reconnect to the present and to center yourself when you most need it ? 

“Que Sera ” is a great motto, to live by it is all about accepting fate, I always find when I m at the ocean I find clarity to center my mind and thoughts.

9-What is the biggest challenge you overcame and how did it change you ? 

I’ve moved countries multiple times, it is one of the most stressful process and in a relationship it will push your boundaries, but once you settled, it is worth it all.

10- What is the quality you admire the most in a woman and man ?

When someone has a strong awareness of their own identity, being very true to themselves. When you have meet people that have found their calling or even when they just have their shit sorted, it s something you know they have worked hard to find and figure it out.

11-Name 3 pieces of art that blown you away (known or unknown)

“The Sistine Chapel” by Michele Angelo, “Several circles” by Wassily Kandinsky, “Water Lillies” by Claude Monet.

12-What advice would you give to your younger self ?

Don’t worry, everything will always fall into places…

13-What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and what memories does it bring to you ?

At the moment it would be my signet ring my boyfriend gave to me. Its 18ct gold, carnelian stone with letters carved into it. What the letters means we have no idea but it’s eighty years old and it s just beautiful…

14-What is your favorite gemstone and why ?

It changes depending on my mood, but at the moment it would have to be pearls, I love the simplicity and elegance of a single pearl has around a woman’s neck.

15-What is your favorite QueSera jewellery piece you own and why ?

The rainbow jewels charm bracelet, it was given to me when we first met, I wear it everyday as it goes with everything.

16-What do you do or would like to do to make a positive impact on our planet ?

Stop using plastic, start recycling religiously. We need to save our oceans ans stop treating it as a dumping ground. And stop overfishing !

17-What instagram page do you find the most inspiring that you would like to share ?

@doctorcooper : Lauren Faye, creative director of Clo London Manrepeller , a very funny and very talented fashion blogger.

@manrepeller : a funny and very talented fashion blogger.