Inspired in Australia, handmade with love in France.  


Elsa Descamps started QueSera jewellery when she was living in Western Australia and the brand’s ADN is very much imprinted with this part of the world with whom she keeps a strong attachment .

Elsa defines her jewellery as poetic with a nomad flair mixed with a French refinement.
She creates every piece by hand, each stone that she selects hold its own energy and she believes that we are naturally attracted by the ones that we need.
Nature is an infinite source of inspiration for her and she keeps her creative ebullience up by connecting with people.

She concentrates on creating jewellery than lightens up women , and radiate their strength and feminity.
She chose the name « QueSera » as an ode to freedom, a celebration to the beauty of life and a reminder to make the most of each instant. 



«Jewellery is much more than an ornament, it’s a precious armor, a langage of its own, a sentimental keepsake… Talk to a woman about her jewellery and she will tell you a story…»

«I hope that my creations will go along with everyone that wears it on a magical journey
and a multitude of gracious moments… »

Xx Elsa